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929 Produksjon AS, OSLO, Norway
Active Booking & Management DA, GAMLE FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Ad Musica, OSLO, Norway
ADM Entertainment, OSLO, Norway
Advokatfirmaet Jessen & Bjelkemyr-Østvang AS, SKIEN, Norway
Ad. Libitum A/S, OSLO, Norway
AEP Norge AS, OSLO, Norway
Ahead Impresario, BODØ, Norway
AKHI Records, MOSS, Norway
Allstar Universe Management, Norway
Alphabet City, OSLO, Norway
Amas Artist, TERTNES, Norway
Amber Booking, OSLO, Norway
Anders Rykkja, OSLO, Norway
Angelfucker Productions & Management, OSLO, Norway
APO - Artist & Program Organisasjon A/S, OSLO, Norway
Arctic Dance DA, BODØ, Norway
Arctic Sound DA, OSLO, Norway
Aronsen Booking & Management, MANSTAD, Norway
Art Pumpkin Productions, MAURA, Norway
Artco AS, OSLO, Norway
Artefact Artists Management, OSLO, Norway
Artist i Nord, BODØ, Norway
Artistfarmen, OSLO, Norway
Artistguiden, STRØMMEN, Norway
Artistpartner AS, LYSAKER, Norway
Artistsentralen, RANDABERG, Norway
ArtistSupport, BLOMMENHOLM, Norway
Artpro AS, OSLO, Norway
Ask Management, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Ask Management, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Astrid M. Urbye, DRØBAK, Norway
Atomic Agency, OSLO, Norway
Atomic Soul AS, OSLO, Norway
Backstage Management, OSLO, Norway
Bahama Booking & Management, OSLO, Norway
Bandit Booking Agency & Management, BERGEN, Norway
Barents Event AS, VARDØ, Norway
Big Hand Entertainment, OSLO, Norway
Bjørtomt Booking og Management, SKREIA, Norway
Black Booking, OSLO, Norway
BLH Artists Management, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Blister Records da, OSLO, Norway
Blossom-norge, ÅSGÅRDSTRAND, Norway
Boheme Entertainment, OSLO, Norway
Brazz Bros. AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Brilliance, OSLO, Norway
Brød & Sirkus AS, NANNESTAD, Norway
Bullet Proof Music, JESSHEIM, Norway
Bureau Storm, OSLO, Norway
Baaad Things, NESTTUN, Norway
B. M. Production, ÅRNES, Norway
C-U! Publicity, OSLO, Norway
Carambole Group, OSLO, Norway
Casting Nordic, SARPSBORG, Norway
Coins Culture AS, OSLO, Norway
Coins Network AS, OSLO, Norway
Concrete Sound Management, STAVANGER, Norway
Continental Artist Management AS, OSLO, Norway
Contrazt Media, OSLO, Norway
Cosmic Wind Cultural Collaborations, STABEKK, Norway
Cracklab Records, OSLO, Norway
Cracklab Records, OSLO, Norway
Cumulus Nordic, OSLO, Norway
Dig Music / Eco Creatives SA, OSLO, Norway
Directmanagement, OSLO, Norway
Dream Factory Nordic , OSLO, Norway
Dux Foss Musikkmanagement UB, OSLO, Norway
Eccentric Management AS, OSLO, Norway
Eddy`s Kitchen, OSLO, Norway
Engelbrektsson AS, NORDFJORDEID, Norway
Entertainment agency, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Erik Hansen Music Management, HØYANGER, Norway
Fairplay Entertainment, OSLO, Norway
Fet Musikk, NESODDTANGEN, Norway
Folkway management, SANDNES, Norway
Friendly Entertainment, OSLO, Norway
Frikk Musikk A/S, KNARREVIK, Norway
Frisk F Music AS, ALTA, Norway
GBM Artist, OSLO, Norway
Geirr Dippner Entertainment as, KRAGERØ, Norway
Gentle music DA, TYSSEDAL, Norway
Girlsquad Management, OSLO, Norway
GMA booking & management, LOM, Norway
Golden Management, HALDEN, Norway
Grandma Management, OSLO, Norway
Grandmas Funkyard, OSLO, Norway
Grey Stone Event AS, BERGEN, Norway
Grong Musikkproduksjon, SKIEN, Norway
GT Music Booking, HØNEFOSS, Norway
Gullimunn Tekstforlag, FREI, Norway
Hammerslagfestivalen Vinterblot, SEM, Norway
Heartbeat AS, OSLO, Norway
Hero Of The Night Management, OSLO, Norway
Heroes for Hire, BERGEN, Norway
Hi-Di Music Consult AS, OSLO, Norway
HiHat Management AS, BØNES, Norway
HJ Hilde Jørgensen AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Hoss GD Records, KRISTIANSUND N, Norway
House of Art AS, OSLO, Norway
Hovde Consulting, FETSUND, Norway
Ice Cold Records ANS, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Igloo management AS, OSLO, Norway
Impresario AS, OSLO, Norway
In Step Artist, HOLMESTRAND, Norway
Indianer, OSLO, Norway
Indie 360 AS, OPPEGÅRD, Norway
InterBooking, LØTEN, Norway
InterFocus, OSLO, Norway
InTime managment, Norway
Intro Music AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
JFL Productions, OSLO, Norway
Joakim Skarli, NEDENES, Norway
Joyride Artist Management, OSLO, Norway
JS Artist AS, OSLO, Norway
Just AS, OSLO, Norway
Just AS, OSLO, Norway
Jærlyd, NÆRBØ, Norway
Jørg-Fr. Ellertsen AS, OSLO, Norway
J.H. Kulberg AS, DRAMMEN, Norway
K-Entertaiment Inc. (K-ent, Inc.), LILLESAND, Norway
Karmakosmetix Records, MOSBY, Norway
KAS Company, OSLO, Norway
Khaoz Productionz, FLEKKEFJORD, Norway
Kick Off Entertainment AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Kickstart Management ANS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Kirkelig Kulturverksted Management, OSLO, Norway
Klar Scene, OSLO, Norway
Knut Harald Pleym, PORSGRUNN, Norway
Konsertkompaniet, HAUGESUND, Norway
Konsulent Tommy Ingebretsen, ØVREBØ, Norway
Kopperud Kulturproduksjon AS (KKP), LILLESTRØM, Norway
Kopter, BERGEN, Norway
KP Management, STRUSSHAMN, Norway
KSMM, OSLO, Norway
Kultur-Chi / Vietnam -oi!, STAVANGER, Norway
Kulturmeglerne AS, OSLO, Norway
Kulturoperatørene AS, avd. Tromsø, TROMSØ, Norway
Kulturservice, BØ I TELEMARK, Norway
KVK Musikk, LEVANGER, Norway
Laila Nordø Artists Management, TERTNES, Norway
Lilleby Management, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Liquid Chili, OSLO, Norway
Longship Entertainment, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Lost Management, BERGEN, Norway
Louder Entertainment, ÅSGREINA, Norway
Luckee Records, OSLO, Norway
Lydpartner, BLAKER, Norway
MACE Management, ORKANGER, Norway
Machine Management, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Macmanus, LIER, Norway
Made, BERGEN, Norway
Management Service, OSLO, Norway
Marklund Management, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Maxevent, LISMARKA, Norway
MBS - Music Brokers Scaninavia AS, SANDVIKA, Norway
Medea Records B. Kuchler, NESTTUN, Norway
MER, Norway
MidiMusic, SLITU, Norway
Mileo Media & Music, OSLO, Norway
Mitell, BERGEN, Norway
MK Management, DALEKVAM, Norway
Monim Management, GRIMSTAD, Norway
Music Escorte Service, DRAMMEN, Norway
Musicaviva, SANDNES, Norway
MusikkBruket, OSLO, Norway
Musikkinnslag.no, OSLO, Norway
Musikkprofil Booking & Management, OSLO, Norway
Musikksentralen, OSLO, Norway
Myriads, STAVANGER, Norway
M&R Management org.891505612, DRAMMEN, Norway
NAV Jobbservice/Artistformidling, OSLO, Norway
Noise...WHAT?! Booking, OSLO, Norway
Nordic Concert Management AS, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Artist Formidling, BERGEN, Norway
Norsk Talentregister, OSLO, Norway
Norway Rock Agency, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Impresario Association, ASKIM, Norway
NOTOWN Entertainment, DRAMMEN, Norway
O my soul, OSLO, Norway
Optilux AS, PORSGRUNN, Norway
Optimus booking, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Konsertdireksjon AS, OSLO, Norway
Pan Jazz Production A/S (PJP AS), VOSS, Norway
Partyexpressen, RÅHOLT, Norway
Peersen Production AS, BERGEN, Norway
Peersen Production AS, BERGEN, Norway
Pilot Management AS, OSLO, Norway
Playit Records, OSLO, Norway
Playroom Artist AS, OSLO, Norway
Plusskon Gisle Lunde, SKIEN, Norway
Polar Artist AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
PreMotion AS, OSLO, Norway
Pro Arte International Artist's Management, FYLLINGSDALEN, Norway
Promo Erectus, OSLO, Norway
PromoPartner Ltd, DOKKA, Norway
Pure Classic Management, TØNSBERG, Norway
Pure Delusion Records, OSLO, Norway
PW Entertainment AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Quint AS, OSLO, Norway
RaezoR Sharp Music & Publishing, HEIMDAL, Norway
Rai Rai Entertainment AS, NAMSOS, Norway
Rainbow Booking A/S, ASKIM, Norway
Ramalama Management, OSLO, Norway
Ramble on management as, OSLO, Norway
Real Management, OSLO, Norway
Redyellowcab Booking Agency, OSLO, Norway
Riverside Entertainment, TRONDHEIM, Norway
RNA Music Agency, OSLO, Norway
Roadkill Records, OSLO, Norway
Rock of Norway, KVERNALAND, Norway
RockPartner Entertainment, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Roots Booking, FURNES, Norway
Roots Music Agency Norway, OSLO, Norway
Royal Office, The, BERGEN, Norway
sabMUSIC, OSLO, Norway
Samspill International Music Network, OSLO, Norway
Scanarts Management a.s, OSLO, Norway
Scandinavia Live Agency AS, BRYNE, Norway
Scandinavian Artist Management AS, OSLO, Norway
Scene Vest, BERGEN, Norway
Scoop Management, BRYNE, Norway
Showteam AS, KONGSVINGER, Norway
Siwu Music, LISMARKA, Norway
Six Fingers Agency, OSLO, Norway
Skan Agency, LUNNER, Norway
Skog Management, TROMSØ, Norway
SmallSteps, HEGGEDAL, Norway
Smalltown Supersound, OSLO, Norway
Snowball Production, OSLO, Norway
Solid musikk AS, OSLO, Norway
Solid Solutions AS, STRØMMEN, Norway
Soultop Music, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Sound Fiction, OSLO, Norway
Sounds Of Unity, OSLO, Norway
Spotlight Management, Norway
Stageway Talent AS, BERGEN, Norway
Stalker Management Norway, HORTEN, Norway
Stand-in AS, OSLO, Norway
Standing Ovation, BERGEN, Norway
StandUp Norge, OSLO, Norway
Starbeat Entertainment, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Starfruit Entertainment, OSLO, Norway
Stellar Management, SANDEFJORD, Norway
Stellis Polaris Management, OSLO, Norway
Stork Entertainment Group as, SANDNES, Norway
Studio 6, OSLO, Norway
Sublife Productions, BRENNÅSEN, Norway
taffelmusikk.no, OSLO, Norway
Talent Farm as, BERGEN, Norway
TBmusic, MATRAND, Norway
Telemark Musikkbyrå, LANGESUND, Norway
Tellé Records & Management, BERGEN, Norway
Testfirma - Firma, OSLO, Norway
This Is Management & Promotion, OSLO, Norway
Thorstad Underholdning, LARVIK, Norway
Time Management, STAVANGER, Norway
TimeOut Agency & Concerts AS, OSLO, Norway
Tinnitus Management, OSLO, Norway
Tinnitus Recording, BERGEN, Norway
ToNeArt Booking, OSLO, Norway
Tonight!Tonight! Booking & Management, BERGEN, Norway
Tornado AS, OSLO, Norway
Trapes Kulturproduksjon & Management AS, BERGEN, Norway
Tremolo DA, KOLVEREID, Norway
Trude Bergheim Mikkelsen, YTRE ARNA, Norway
TrueTone Agency, BERGEN, Norway
TS Partner, HEIMDAL, Norway
Ttentertainment, FANNREM, Norway
Turbo Management, OSLO, Norway
Underholdningsnett, MOSS, Norway
Unistar Management Ltd, LEVANGER, Norway
Unlimited Management, SLEPENDEN, Norway
Up Front Artists, OSLO, Norway
Up n`Coming, OSLO, Norway
Veslefrikk Konsertproduksjon DA, VUKU, Norway
Vidar Lund, ETNE, Norway
Viggo Lund Management AS, OSLO, Norway
Visestallen, Norway
Voice Management, FØRDE, Norway
Vox Artist, OSLO, Norway
What's going on?, TRONDHEIM, Norway
WildStar World, BRUVOLL, Norway
Worldwide Artists, GB-LONDON SE27 9LE, England, UK
Yellow Management, OSLO, Norway
Yourmanaging, VATNE, Norway
Ziggy Popular Music, GB-E5 9HD LONDON, England, UK
Zweidorff Studio, BERGEN, Norway
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