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Shining - one of many strong acts featured on DJ99's latest jazz playlist
Foto: Thomas Olsen, Berlinkontoret

Modern Norwegian Jazz and beyond

Publisert: 04/26/2012 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


‘Modern Norwegian Jazz and beyond…’ - our latest playlist covers the rich treasure trove of Norway’s cutting-edge improv scene.

MIC Norway’s very own DJ, journalist and 99 Minutes webcast host DJ99 aka Guttorm Andreasen has compiled a new playlist focusing on ‘Modern Norwegian Jazz and beyond…’

The new playlist features tracks from acts Jaga Jazzist, Håkon Kornstad, Food, Elephant9, Arve Henriksen, Solveig Slettahjell, Shining, Atomic, Sidsel Endresen, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & much more.

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