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Team Me
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The Great Escape

Publisert: 05/05/2011 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Moddi, Blood Command, 22, Team Me and Lucy Swann to represent Norway at The Great Escape in Brighton.

The Great Escape, which runs from 12 to 14 May in Brighton, features, true to tradition, a strong Norwegian line-up: Moddi, Blood Command, 22, Team Me and Lucy Swann:


Hailing from the far North of Norway Moddi makes music with duel merits, often it is brash strident evoking a big band sound and occasionally it is soft, reserved and serene but each Moddi setting is as compelling as the other.

Blood Command

After a successful gig in Leeds, the band Blood Command is ready to blow the brains out of the Brighton audiences with their artpunk/deathpop/hardcore band. Singer Silje convinces everyone who might be in doubt that hardcore is not only a guy thing as she claims the stage like you’ve never seen before.

Team Me

One of 2010/11’s breakthrough acts on the domestic scene, Team Me played nothing less than 8 Norwegian festivals the summer of 2010, and the people who were lucky enough to squeeze in the crowd at Team Me's concert at the smallest stage at Øyafestivalen, could all feel that something big is about to happen. This might also be why Team Me shortly after got invited back to play next year´s Øya festival and was one of the first bands to be picked out for by:Larm 2011, Scandinavia?s biggest industry event for music. '"Weathervanes and Chemicals', which is really, really rather wonderful. Pitched somewhere inbetween Jonsi and Arcade Fire, it's about as heart-warmingly lush as it gets." - Lisa Wright, (NME)

Lucy Swann

Lucy Swann has distinguished herself from the rest of the pack by her expressive vocal abilities and her strong live performances. Her compositions are both intuitive and audience friendly. Her take on modern pop explores the balance between the electronic and the organic, British cool and a soulful presence. All rooted in her twin first loves, gospel and soul. The result is intense rhythmic and coquettish songs. In 2010 she released her critically acclaimed debut album 'La Petite Mort' which saw her compared to the likes of Kate Bush and Beyonce. Aftenposten (top Norwegian paper) extolled her to be ne of the freshest, catchiest voices in Norwegian pop music in a very long time. NRK P3 were equally effusive: "Lucy Swann has everything. Beautiful vocals, on a bed of etherial electronic sounds, dark, mystical and dynamic."


22 get ready to release their heavy-edged and euphoric debut UK EP ‘Plastik’ on Best Before Records and are bringing it live to TGE. 22 combine the mathematical and downright progressive insanity of the Mars Volta, Muse and Refused with a keen pop sensibility and strong desire to experiment. True alternative rock performance let fly for the outsider in us all which is about to blow your mind.

The Great Escape 2011

Over 350 new local and international artists are showcased at 25 venues over 3 days in Brighton. An important area of the festival programme is the wealth of talent brought to Brighton from all over the world to perform at the festival.

Says The Great Escape’s Jon Mcildowie ‘In the years we’ve been running The Great Escape we’ve had some fantastic artists from all over the world, but one country we’ve always been able to depend on for cutting edge talent is Norway. ‘

The Great Escape has established itself as the leading event in Europe for showcasing new talent from around the world, aimed at 'export ready' bands and industry professionals. TGE lasts for three days and nights with a total attendance of over 15,000 people at 34 different venues. There will also be a variety of industry talks, panel debates and targeted networking sessions, and as many as ten companies from the Norwegian music industry will participate.

Live schedule: http://escapegreat.com/

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