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HCMF pays tribute to Arne Nordheim

Publisert: 11/25/2010 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Last week saw the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival paying tribute to the late Arne Nordheim with a memorial concert.

This year’s Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival marks the arrival of a three-year initiative to present the best sounds from across the North Sea. Music from Norway has been a strong presence at hcmf// in previous years, but in 2010 the festival welcomes further links with the country’s composers and musicians, through a project funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with liaison support from Music Information Centre Norway.

On Thursday 25 November the festival paid tribute to the revered composer Arne Nordheim, who died aged 78 in June. Following an afternoon talk about Nordheim’s life and work, an evening concert showcased both his pioneering tape works of the late 1960s and early 1970s and pieces combining live instruments with the possibilities of electronic processing. The concert was presented by NOTAM, the Norwegian centre for technology in music and art, who have close links with the University of Huddersfield’s own music and music technology departments.

For the Nordheim HCMF memorial concert, Mats Claesson and Asbjørn Blokkum Flø presented the electronic works "Polypoly" and "Solitaire", in addition to "Partitia fur Paul" with Eldbjørg Hemsing, violin, and "Listen inside outside" with Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, piano.

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