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Førde 2010: Key Events

Publisert: 07/02/2010 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


The 2010 Førde Festival programme is incredibly rich and diverse. We had a difficult time selecting the Norwegian artists to be highlighted in this publication, and an equally difficult time selecting a list of gigs not to be missed at this year’s Førde. Here’s a shortlist of events not to be missed:

Folk Music Gala

The Førde Folk Music Festival extends an invitation for a night filled with a number of international highlights; ecstatic music and hypnotic rhythms from The Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan (India), exuberant polkas and languishing tangos courtesy of Frigg (Finland/Norway), technical artistry and heartbreaking drama with Cimarron (Colombia), top-level Norwegian folk music by Annbjørg Lien & Bjørn Ole Rasch (Norway), energetic melodeon playing featuring the international masters of The Samurai, modern string acrobatics courtesy of Väsen (Sweden), Indian elegance performed by the Jyotsna Shourie's Dance Centre (India), youthful world music courtesy of the Talent 2010 project (Norway/Brazil/Cape Verde).

Where: Idrettshallen, Førdehuset
When: Sat July 10th 20.00-21.30

Columbi Egg

As in previous years, club night host Gabriel Fliflet has invited a cast of excellent musical guests to the vibrant club concept Columbi Egg. Gabriel Fliflet is something akin to a musical kaleidoscope: so many facets, so many emotions and so many different roots swirl around in his music and his projects. His is a special fingerspitzengefühl for the magic which is particular to folk and traditional music, and as a conveyor he has opened infinitely many ears to this magic.

Dark and inciting tunes from the Setesdal region courtesy of Daniel Sandèn Warg’s fiddles and Jew’s Harps, international melodeon artistry by Riccardo Tesi (Italy) and David Munnelly (Ireland), bluish tunes from the Nordmøre region sung by Unni Boksasp and rhythmical artistry by Cèlio de Carvalho (Brazil). Surprises expected to occur onstage!

Where: Restaurant Hugleik, Rica Sunnfjord Hotel
When: Sat July 10th 23.00-01.00

Cuba Libre

Welcome to a beach party by the Førde Fjord! Featuring Latin music specialist Sverre Idris Joner at the helm, the Norwegian/Cuban musicians of Cuba Libre offer solid doses of Cuban rhythms with enough groove to make you want to dance – in the middle of the day, on a beach in Naustdal

Sverre Indris Joner is a highly versatile musician and composer with a great love for Caribbean and Latin American rhythms. This makes him a natural front man in ensembles Hovedøen Social Club and Salzumba, in addition to smaller constellations such as Tango for 3.

With the quintet Cuba Libre, Joner has enlisted the assistance of three strong Cuban performers, offering the audience truly authentic salsa grooves. The vibrant quintet offers genuine Cuban music that you’ll rarely find outside the Caribbean.

Where: Sanden, Naustdal
When: Sat July 10th 12.30-14.00
More: www.myspace.com/sverreindrisjoner

Tindra is a vibrant trio that conveys traditional songs and tunes in their own arrangements for vocals, fiddle and accordion, but also brings forth a set of own compositions with texts by Norwegian poets.

A double-bill that also features Polish ensemble Kroke, Tindra’s concert at the Førdehuset is a gig not to be missed. Kroke and Tindra share common traits in that the ensembles have created new stylistic elements with a solid foundation in traditions. For the first time, the two ensembles are now set to meet on stage – to play to each other but also to perform in unison. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a striking and rich musical dialogue. The project is supported by the Polish-Norwegian Culture Exchange Fund.

Where: Festsalen, Førdehuset
When: Sat July 19th 16.30-17.30
More: www.tindratrio.com


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