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Treble & Bass (190x155)Grammy nomination for Norwegian label

Publisert: 12/08/2009 av - Ed.


Renowned Norwegian production company 2L nominated for Grammy.

A small production company in Norway is at the very forefront of a musical revolution. The surround sound recordings of Lindberg Lyd do not only transform the entire listening experience, more radically, the recording techniques that the firm has developed and perfected overturn some very basic concepts regarding how music is played and even composed. Now the renowned production company and composers Ståle Kleiberg and Fred Jonny Berg are bestowed with prestigious Grammy nominations for releases ‘Treble & Bass’ and ‘Flute Mystery’.

The nominated releases are competing against Telarc, Atlantic/Rhino and 51bpm releases in the category ‘Best Surround Sound Album’.

This year’s Grammy nomination is 2L’s seventh and the winner of the award will be presented at the major televised show in LA on Jan 31 2010.

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2L (Record Companies; Publishers\Music; Retailers\Internet Shops)

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Ståle Kleiberg, Komponist, Professor

Fred Jonny Berg, Composer, Singer

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