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Marie Forr Klåpbakken Trio

Publisert: 09/14/2009 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Marie Forr Klåpbakken’s trio is a project spawned by her master studies at the Norwegian State Academy of Music and features well-known guitarist Tore Bruvoll and double bassist Ellen Brekken. Originally a classically trained violinist, Klåpbakken had a folk music awakening at the age of 18 and has since then devoted her studies and professional career to traditional Norwegian fiddle music. As a solo artist and a contributing member to a wide variety of ensembles, Klåpbakken has toured internationally, including gigs in China, Nepal, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Scotland, Switzerland and Germany. Much of MFKT’s repertoire is based on tunes from the coastal North Sea regions fused with influences from Klåpbakken’s mountainous home region; Gudbrandsdalen. Rough, salt-stained waltzes are contrasted by sombre minuets with a distinct lyrical Gudbrandsdalesque touch and topped by tasteful vocals, giving the trio a form of expression that is coherent and highly distinctive.

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