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Sturla Eide 2009 (Foto: Øivind Farmen) (250x333)Sturla Eide

Publisert: 07/01/2009 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


With no less than three appearances fiddler Sturla Eide is in for a hectic stint at the Førde Festival.

Eide has been an active part of the Norwegian folk music circuit for a number of years, and is currently active both as a performer and sought after teacher. Eide is a key member of the ensembles Flukt and sturla|andreas, and also devotes much time to his solo project Murru. He is a busy performer on the Norwegian folk music scene, but has also toured internationally, particularly in the US with Flukt.

‘Murru’ – Eide’s first solo album - is a wide-ranging set of distinctive tunes, ccasionally accompanied by guitar, harmonium, accordion, piano and tasteful electronics, all played with a great foot-stamping energy, style and a mighty, digging-in tone that squeezes the max out of his fiddle. Expect Eide to recreate much of that great foot-stamping energy at the Førde Festival.

At the Førde Festival, Sturla Eide is set to perform in a variety of settings. On Thu 2nd July 23:00 – 02:00, Eide shares the roster with such performers as Synnøve S. Bjørset (NOR), Egschiglen (Mongolia), Sväng (FIN), Rajery (Madagascar) and Ballaké Sissoko (Mali) at the ‘Sommarnatt på Jølster’ (Jølster Summer Night) event held at the Jølster Museum.

On Fri 3 July he will perform alongside ensembles Nyckelharporkestern (SWE),
Indre Sunnfjord Spelemannslag and Grannelaget at a traditional dance event held at Førdehuset.

On Sat 4 July, Eide teams up with guitarist Andreas Aase and accordionist
Ronny Kjøsen for a performance with his own ‘Murru’-project at the Pikant
venue at 13:30.

Out now: Murru (NorCD 2007)

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