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Stian Carstensen Førde 2009 (350x340)Stian Carstensen: A humorous musical wizard

Publisert: 07/01/2009 av Christian Lysvåg


Stian Carstensen plays music like most of us breathe; like an innate thing, something he can do it in his sleep. He can take up any instrument, it seems, and intuitively treat it like a natural extension of his own body and mind. His musical activities range from the asymmetrical Balkan explorations of his internationally renowned band Farmers Market to performances with symphony orchestras, from live improvisations with Mike Patton to musical narratives from the backwoods of his native rural region of Norway. In any and every context Stian Carstensen spellbinds, for in his hands music becomes something whimsical and unpredictable, something dazzling, intense and funny.