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Kaada: Polish romances and a Weltmeister Basset

Publisert: 03/16/2009 av Christian Lysvåg


Kaada 2009 I (Photo: Lise Falch) (300x425) -I’ve never said this to anyone because it sounds a little smug, but the fact is that on this record I play all the instruments myself. We are talking to John Erik Kaada about his freshly released solo record entitled ‘Junkyard Nostalgia’. Its myriad sounds and instruments make the ear feel like a fly’s facet eye; the tunes float slowly, like little swarms of sad dragonflies. Playing all the instruments entails mastering a whole universe of sound, and a very personal universe it is, that John Erik Kaada has developed over the years. Junkyard Nostalgia is his fourth solo outing; it is a self-proclaimed homage to the thousands of Polish workers that have come to Norway to earn a better living and to fuel our economy with cheap labour.