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David og Julie Coucheron (350x233)Coucherons win prestigious Italian competition

Publisert: 03/02/2009 av - Ed.


Pianist Julie Coucheron and brother David Coucheron on violin won this weekend the prestigious ‘Concorso Internazionale de Musica da Camera’ in Turin.

This weekend saw siblings Julie and David Coucheron winning the prestigious Italian competition ‘Concorso Internazionale de Musica da Camera’ in Turin. ‘Concorso Internazionale de Musica da Camera’ in Turin.

A total of 11 nations were represented in the competition which was held for the 15th consecutive time this year. The 2009 theme was chamber music, and the highly talented siblings performed a programme that featured works by Beethoven, Brahms, Edvard Grieg and Johan Kvandal.

Says an elated mother, Mette Coucheron, to Norwegian press agency NTB: ‘A unanimous jury concluded that their Grieg performance ranked among the best they had ever heard!’

Previous victories for the up-and-coming instrumentalists include the ‘Jugend Musiziert’ competition in Weimar, Germany.

The Coucherons now have their sights set on London’s upcoming competition Parkhouse Awards.

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