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Ane Brun 2006 (Photo: Det Er Mine Records) (350x262)Ane Brun returns to the UK

Publisert: 02/11/2009 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Late February sees Stockholm-based Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun returning to the UK for a string of live dates in support of the release of her critically acclaimed album ‘Changing of the Seasons’.

Reaching far beyond her Scandinavian base, Brun has become something of a favourite among lovers of low key folksy acoustic music all over the world. Her records have been released across Europe and America, and consistently they have made a big impression: her music is of the kind that stands out, and her voice and melodies seem to have a special ability to become embedded in the listeners mind.

Now Ane has a new album to promote. Changing of the seasons is her fifth full length outing. It was originally released in Scandinavia last spring and is now available on the UK market. Ane’s universe of songs is fragile and very characteristic. The chief element is always her distinct voice, which is lucent -sometimes almost metallic- and carries forth the notes in a way that never lets the melodies become only comfortable. Her songs are surprising, at times strange, and they strike a nerve somewhere between bird-flight beauty and brooding melancholy.

Produced by Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjrk, Sigur Ros, Mm, Bonnie Prince Billy, Coco Rosie, Maps, and more) Changing of the seasons has been called Ane’s most thorough effort to date; an harmonious collection of songs, perhaps a more self-confident record than the previous ones, which reiterates the character of Ane’s voice and the idiosyncratic and haunting quality of her melodies.

Ane Brun’s London show at the Union Chapel on Feb. 26th also features the highly respected Faroese artist Teitur, while the remaining live dates feature the reminiscent voices of Rebekka Karijord and Jennie Abrahamsson.

Late April/Early May will see Ane Brun returning to Germany and Switzerland for live performances in Zurich, Bern, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg. Check the calendar section for more info.

Ane Brun’s new Facebook-fanpage.

Ane Brun’s MySpace site.

A UK version of ‘Changing of the Seasons’ featuring exclusive track My Baby’s Arms is now available from iTunes.

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