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Motorpsycho: Little Lucid Moments

Publisert: 04/01/2008 av Christian Lysvåg


New album out from the Norwegian band first in line for knighthood: Motorpsycho’s Little Lucid Moments gives us the band in reinvigorated, complex and eventful form: the record is a four piece suite of deliciously engulfing music.

Motorpsycho is like an element on the periodic table. The band – arguably one of the most awesome Powertrios around internationally - has always morphed and oscillated musically. But persistently there is the dense core that is simply Motorpsycho: enduring, droning, hard and hard-working music, with ever-changing melodic and atmospheric excursions; into jazz, pop, prog, country and many other things.

With the new album it is the prog vein that is most evident. Comprised of just four songs, which are subdivided into chapters, it is the opulence and the unequivocal belief in musical dynamism that characterises the best of the prog era that is here brought forth. Droning stretches and long jammy detours into psychedelia and mantra are interspersed with striking melodies and subtle details; little lucid moments, as it were.

Norwegian critics hail the record for its audacious musical ventures and the unwavering execution of such a challenging format. But no-one really expected anything less than a brilliant piece, for this band has never made a bad or even a mediocre record. They are simply too dedicated (eating, drinking and sleeping music, it seems), to ever compromise and ever release something that is not somehow deeply worked through and rewarding.

A propos Powertrio: The new drummer, Kennet Kappstad, has reinvigorated Motorpsycho. That’s the critics’ verdict, and as the twin “paters familias” Bent and Snah say:
-We’ve found our way back to what is our most natural musical mode; the action-like hard rock off such bands as Deep Purple, with things happening all the time in the music. It’s just so much fun to play this kind of hard rock again.

-Taking Kappstad on board was a matter of first checking for common ground, relates Bent in a recent interview.
-When we managed to play through Deep Purple’s Burn on the first attempt (something the group had never managed before) it gave us something to think about.

The thinking soon materialized in music: “under-composed,” long shifting strands, where the three manifest the utmost potential, in terms of dynamism and bold unpredictability, of the Powertrio. Little Lucid Moments is a treat for anyone ready to be washed away by some very monumental songs.

The release will soon be followed by a tour of Europe starting on May 17th (Hurrah!)

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