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Turbonegro 2008 (350x355)Turbo replacements

Publisert: 03/04/2008 av Christian Lysvåg


Chris Summers (Christer Engen), drummer in Norwegian death-punk supergroup Turbonegro, leaves the band he has bashed skins for since the 1997 breakthrough-album Apocalypse Dudes.

His departure comes only a few months after guitarist Rune Rebellion (Rune Grønn) left the band last fall. Still, there are no signs of panic or break-up in the turbo camp and all statements from the band describe the events as undramatic consequences of heavy workloads, family life and other engagements.

In an interview with the Norwegian daily VG today, Grønn, who continues as the band’s manager, describes Summer’s departure as a gradual transition:
-Christer has been on sick leave for a few months due to an ankle injury. The band has played sixty concerts with his stand-in Tomas Dahl, and it is partially in respect to Dahl as de facto drummer that Summers now leaves the band officially.

So Summers is out and Dahl is in. And no-one has, or will, really notice any difference. For it is no secret of course, that only band-brain Thomas “happy Tom” Seltzer, front man Erik “Hank von Helvete” Huseby and super lead guitarist Knut “Euroboy” Schreiner, are really irreplaceable. These three are the core of the both sound and image, as well as the actual song- writing.

The first major tour with Tomas Dahl as official drummer will commence in March; the 2008 Volcom Tour Europe kicks off on the 14th in Laax Switzerland.

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