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Turbonegro 2008 (350x355)

Turbonegro to tour Europe

Publisert: 02/28/2008 av - Ed.


March/April sees Turbonegro heading out on their 2008 Volcom Tour Europe.

The deathpunk band, who recently completed a tour in Europe with Marilyn Manson plus a sold-out North American tour, will showcase their 2007 gold trophy winning album, ‘Retox’ in Europe in March, followed by concerts in the US in April.

The six-piece band from Norway has caused rocking havoc around the world in the last ten years. The band style themselves as ‘threatening gay men playing loud rock music’, with their blue-denim sailor-boy gear and ‘faux-mo-erotic’ lyrics that have resulted in astonishment and confusion everywhere. Their remorseless collaging of influences from across the spectrum of classic rock, punk and metal becomes what they call a ‘dream cocktail’.

“There’s no ballads, no slowing down the pace and no bullshit whatsoever. They simply churn out one booze-saturated anthem after another, each one of them being greeted like the second coming and causing sheer pandemonium among the band’s faithful following …A Turbonegro show will always guarantee to leave you feeling like you’ve just been to the best party on planet Earth” – Kerrang, Live review KKKKK

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