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Lionheart Brothers (330x278)The Lionheart Brothers: British release of Dizzy Kiss next week

Publisert: 01/09/2008 av Christian Lysvåg


The Sunday Times of London have named Norwegian retro pop group The Lionheart Brothers’ upcoming album Dizzy Kiss “Pop CD of the week.”

With the UK release of Dizzy Kiss imminent, The Lionheart Brothers have received a string of excellent reviews from the British press. The fantastic media prelude means that the band is justifiably very excited before the January 14th release and their UK tour, which starts in advance, on January 12th in Wakefield.

From the Sunday Times’ recommendation: “( ) the band exhibit the same love of noise-layering as their compatriots Serena-Maneesh, creating a rich psychedelic sound that hints at both Secret Machines and the Flaming Lips. A band you could easily fall in love with.”

Here are some other review excerpts from the British press:

"Steep-gradient dreampop and lo-fi loveliness. The bridge between Camden and California." - The Guardian

"Trondheim pop masterclass" - Uncut

"Gorgeous psychedelic pop" ¬ The Word

"Motorik beats, fuzz bass and crazy feedback-laced jams...mind-blowing" - NME

"One of the most devastating live bands to fall from Europe in years" - Clash

"One of the finest marriages of sixties American psych pop and shoe-gazing indie yet recorded" - The Stool Pigeon

"Dreamy psychedelia...breathtaking psych-rock...jaw-dropping" - FACT Magazine

"Lovely!" - Time Out

"Beach Boys harmony pop sounds suffused with the insistent druggy-drone of The Flaming Lips" - Drowned In Sound

So what kind of band is this, and what is their story? In a previous article on this site, this is how they were portrayed:

The Lionheart Brothers: originally two Norwegian boys carried away with the sorrowing and magical beauty of Astrid Lindgren’s children’s’ tale of the brave Brothers Lionheart who die but go on to fight evil in the Elysian realm of Nangijala. Strongly inspired by this tale they later in life came to create a musical vision which bears traits of dreamlike transcendence yet which is rooted in firm and identifiable musical traditions. After a stint as a duo they drafted new members and became the fully fledged band that The Lionheart Brothers now are. –A band more conscious than most of the constituents of their art; elements of punk-rock and sixties pop, masterfully merged and furthered by a strong sense of lift that makes the songs intentional of somewhere like Nangijala. Monumental space-pop might be another description.

The dates and places of The Lionheart Brothers’ UK mini-tour:

12/1: Wakefield, Escobar
14/1: London, Social
15/1: Liverpool, Korova
16/1: London, Rough Trade in-store gig
17/1: bath, Moles
18/1: London, Koko Club NME
19/1: Nottingham, Bodega social

Listen to The Lionheart Brothers here:

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