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Rune Lindbæk's N-Disko Mix (cover) (300x300)

Rune Lindbæk: N-Disko Mix

Publisert: 08/24/2007 av Christian Lysvåg


While many of his peers among the luminaries of Norwegian electronica and dance music have recently made “international” remix compilations of for series such as DJ-Kicks and Late Night Tales, Rune Lindbæk chose an all-Norwegian solution and just released his N-Disko Mix.

Lindbæk is one of the pioneers of Norwegian electronica and DJ’ing. Since the mid-eighties he has been involved in numerous club concepts, musical constellations and recordings. He has been associated with projects and bands such as Those Norwegians (with Torbjørn Brundtland of Røyksopp fame), Drum Island, Alania, Moonflower and Frost ( He started Frost with Aggie Petterson in 1997 and contributed to the excellent debut Bedsit Stories in 1998) . Lindbæk is a somewhat elusive producer known best among fellow DJ’s and the true connoisseurs, and most of his work has been released on obscure vinyls. His activities cater mostly to the initiated and to the global circuit of “happening” clubs that he frequents.
differentsound.com writes of him: “Our favourite Norwegian is a producer and DJ who's worked with Röyksopp, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Idjut Boys amongst others and records for hip US labels like Vertige and Modal. His dubby baleric style takes him to disco joints around the globe.”

N-Disko Mix breaks this pattern and he has made available eleven remixes on one Norwegian concept album. The Norwegian disco mix features a selection of Lindbæk’s favourite Norwegian songs, by artists such as D’Sound, Real Ones, Montee, Ralph Myerz, and Lindstrøm, remixed by Lindbæk and sewn together to a seamless and balanced DJ set.

Critics in Norway have received the record very warmly calling it both an interesting spectrogram of Norwegian pop as such, and a subtle and delicate compilation where Lindbæk’s production signature is very distinct and very elegant; “with dub effects and inspiration from late disco he makes everything sound like its coming form an Ibiza beach club at sunrise,” reads Dagsavisen’s (a Norwegian daily) review.

With names like Lindstrøm, Prince Thomas, Aggie and Erlend Øye getting plenty of attention for their international remix compilations –on account of the subtle Norwegian taste for “citric dance music”- there is no reason why the influential ones out there should not pick up on Lindbæk’s introduction to Norwegian music too.

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