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Enslaved: RUUN world tour part II: Evropa

Publisert: 05/04/2007 av Christian Lysvåg


Starting off as part of the joint metal venture “Excess of Evil” European tour the Norwegian Black metal notorieties Enslaved embark on a far-reaching European musical venture on May 10th.

Enslaved has long since been one of the defining acts of the international black/extreme metal scene. Theirs is a special ability to think outside the box and reinvigorate their music and musical enterprise again and again. And for this they have often been hailed as trailblazers of their expression. They were among the very first bands to bring the notoriously cold-marrowed music known as “Norwegian black metal” to the US back in 95’. Another example is their recent concerts in India, which proved a great success as the shows were attended by thousands of metal-hungry Indians. These were only a miniscule avant-garde though, and it is obvious that the Indian market is vast beyond imagination, also for a marginal form of music such black metal.
So the point is that when these guys set their strategy they do so with zest and imagination, and they are not ones to brag and exaggerate. What they say they’ll do they do. So when their tour of Europe commences in about a weeks time, The RUUN world tour part II, it is just as extensive as the grand name suggests. Eighteen consecutive gigs in no less than ten countries; that is a leg of a world tour, no doubt about it!

Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France the UK, Holland and Belgium will be enslaved, with Germany as the obvious hub of it all. Onboard their grim and sooty bandwagon Enslaved have their already celebrated latest album RUUN (2006), which has been lighting haloes over critics’ heads and earned the band a Grammy (equivalent) back home in Norway this year.

Enslaved start off the RUUN world tour part II as co-headliners of the “Excess of evil” European tour (presented by Metal Hammer and Terrorizer) along with Marduk. Supporting acts will be Keep of Kalessin, Malechesh, Goatwhore and Pantheon I.

Later in the summer Enslaved will play some of the chief metal festivals, notably Wacken Open Air 2007, in Wacken Germany and Brutal Assault Summer Festival in Prague, both in the first half of August.


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