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120 Days s/v (foto: Kim Hiorthøy) (350x253)Strong UK reviews for 120 Days

Publisert: 04/20/2007 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Space-rockers 120 Days continue their rampage – this time on the other side of the Atlantic. Following much positive US press coverage, the UK music media follow suit with several strong reviews for the happening collective.

120 Days are currently touring Europe with gigs in France rounding off their current campaign this week. Following a string of very positive domestic and US reviews of their self-titled debut album released through Smalltown Supersound/Vice last year, European reviews have now begun to tick in.

This week NME awarded 120 Days’ debut album a positive review: "Who knew that Norway had a space program? The first beneficiaries - after the herring they sent into orbit in the `50s, obviously - are Kristiansund cosmonauts 120 Days, who have transferred the celestial humming of the Milky Way`s darkest corners directly on to tape. We jest, of course. They`ve been listening to a lot of Spacemen 3 records. But despite following every space-rock cliche in the book - enormous proggy synths, echo-drenched, hard-drug use with a religious epiphany - 120 Days have made a compelling debut album, largely because they never leave you drifting without a twinkling melody or a thundering Krautrock rhythm to cling on to. Fans of Spiritualized, Secret Machines and NASA-strength skunk should set the co-ordinates without delay" (Sam Richards, NME)

Earlier in April, NME also published a positive review of the ‘Days Come Out single: “Well, well someone’s angeling for a guest appearance on the new series of Doctor Who, arent they? This Norwegian four-piece have managed to create a rousing nine-minute hunk of space –rock that sounds as if it’s been influenced by a road trip across the moon, on a motorway where the service stations only sell prescription drugs and Babylon 5 DVDs. Which sounds like a fun trip by anyone`s standards” (NME)

DJ Magazine chimes in and declares 120 Days one of ‘The Hottest Names in Dance Music’: "Adding their distinctive Neu! and Spacmen 3 flavoured synths and atmospherics to tracks for Justice and Lindstrøm, they`re about to blow big style with their debut album "120 Days" out the 23rd of April on classy imprint Smalltown Supersound. The album is chock-full of melodious guitar epics, but drenched in iced-out reverb and swathed in curtains of psychedelic machine trickery that will appeal to any electronica head"

A few additional quotes from the press:

”120 Days can make any room feel like on it's on the brink of explosion. It is awe-inspiring.” SPIN

”These guys go big on everything. They exude audacity. A first-order phenomenon, with its own heat and light.” Pitchfork

”A contemporary gloss on Kraftwerk, or a keyboard-heavy take on the dance-punk of DFA Records…..An exercise in deep focus that achieves its aims through subtle manipulation.” New York Times

”Their self-titled debut album on Vice Records is one of the most amazing of the year.” URB

”It’s a post-punk, post-rave, post-pre-Armageddon masterpiece of sleazy, chaos-worshipping rock.” Filter

”These songs are totally allergic to restraint; they're built for huge outdoor festivals, and they push outward and unfold upward, aiming for cheap seats.” Village Voice

120 Days had its first rehersal autumn 2001 in their small hometown, Kristiansund, on the north-westcoast of Norway. The band consisted of the four 19 year old friends Jonas Dahl, Arne Kvalvik, Kjetil Ovesen and Ådne Meisfjord. They called themselves The Beautiful People. Due to complications with the name been taken by somebody else, the band changed their name to 120 Days. In 2002 the band moved to Oslo, to be closer to the music-center of Norway and to focus 100% on their music. In Oslo the whole band moved together in a caravan-trailer. Here they lived for 4 months. In these intense months the only things they did were rehearse. But by living in the caravan trailer they had to instantly struggle with junkies breaking in etc, so in the end they had to give up and move out. But by the time the 120 Days sound was created. Early in 2004 the band released their critically acclaimed first EP titled “Sedated Times” on the small Oslo label Public Demand Records (see AMG review under). Late 2004 they released their second EP, this time a selftitled 5 track EP. This EP caused quite a stir in Norway. And after the band`s gig at By:Larm in Norway (the Norwegian equivalent to South By Southwest) the band sent shockwaves through the music industry, and the gig resulted in the band being booked to both the Reading and Leeds Festival as well as Spain`s Sonar Festival. And this after two Norway only releases. Also the New York label Vice Records (Block Party, The Streets, Death From Above 1979) was deeply impressed by the gig and started chasing the band. Meanwhile the band continued to prepare for their debut album. By the time the band had found their home with the Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound (Jaga Jazzist, Lindstrom, Kim Hiorthøy, Bjorn Torske).

Their debut album was produced by the band themselves and was recorded in Oslo`s Crystal Canyon studios in January and February 2006. The album was mixed by Jørgen “Sir Dupermann” Træen and the band in Duper Studio, Bergen, in April, and was mastered by Alan Douches, West Westside Music, New Windsor, NY in May. In June 2006 the band signed with Vice Records which released the album internationally in collaboration with Smalltown Supersound in October 2006.

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