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Turboneger, 2006 (Foto: Stian Andersen) (350x231)Turbonegro recording new album

Publisert: 09/15/2006 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Deathpunkers Turbonegro are currently recording the much anticipated follow-up to their successful ‘Party Animals’ album.

Says Turbonegro bassist/ideologist Happy Tom in his latest Myspace.com Turbo-blog entry:

“Back in the studio now, to keep recording basic tracks for another two weeks. It is going great and sounds fantastic just listening to the drums on their own. So far we have been recording at Fagerborg Studio, a place with lots of Norwegian pop history in the walls. After this two week spell we will probably continue at Crystal Canyon, then it's off to a country full of fat people to mix. Knut is producing and him, Chris and I ("The Power Trio") are perfecting most of the songs as we speak.

This is BIG stuff, very catchy and in your face (ass), very Deathpunk. Some titles: "Boys From Nowhere" and "Bleed For Me (All Night Long)". The working title for the record was for a while "Born To Motherfucking Run", but we dropped it after we received an anonymous phone call from our lawyer. We have decided on a new title, which will be revealed at a later point. Studio duty kept us from going to the Turbojugend Welt Tage, which we heard was a blast (despite the St Pauli loss against the Bavarians), thanks to all involved for making and keeping Turbojugend magic."

More info here.

Turbonegro have over the years recorded for labels like Man's Ruin, Sympathy For The Record Industry and Amphetamine Reptile Europe. The denim clad thugs have been keenly championed by the likes of Poison Idea, Rocket From The Crypt, Dave Grohl, Dr Eugene Chadbourne, Jello Biafra (who claimed that "Apocalypse Dudes is possibly the most important European record ever"), The Beastie Boys, the crew behind Jack Ass, Metallica, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Beck's mother Bibbe Hansen, The Hives, Steve Albini and Queens of the Stone Age. This admiration resulted in a tribute album - "Alpha Motherfuckers" (Bitzcore records, 2001) - with tracks from the likes of The Supersuckers, QOTSA, Satyricon, Therapy?, The Residents drummer Toby Dammit and Teutonic bubblegum dance queen Blümchen (re-christening herself Denim Girl for the occasion).

The denim demons released the first in a string of hailed albums in 1991 – the aptly titled ‘Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives’. This string of releases was topped by the now ultra-classic 1998 album ‘Apocalypse Dudes’.

Turbonegro’s fan base has grown rapidly since they disbanded in 1998, as proven by the immense and ecstatic crowds at their appearances last summer (imagine 44.000 people singing along to "I Got Erection" at the Bizarre Festival). A unique phenomenon can be found among those counting themselves as loyal Turbonegro fans. All over the world, fan bases gathered in so-called Turbojugens – mimicking the band’s homo-erotic, denim-clad appearance. The Turbojugend sub-culture includes all paraphernalia associated with devoted fan-bases: bootleg swapping, fanatic fan-sites, uniform clothing, and total admiration. So far Turbojugend chapters can be found from Tromsø in the north of Norway to Santiago in Chile with divisions in most of the world’s major cities. Germany has proved to be one of Turbonegro’s strongest territories with no less than eight ‘Jugend chapters.

2003 saw Turbonegro’s come-back with the universally acclaimed ‘Scandinavian Leather’ album which spawned such anthems as Fuck the World and Sell Your Body . The denim clad deathpunkers followed up with 2005’s ‘Party Animals’ which gave their rapidly growing fan-base tracks such as City of Satan and High on Crime.

Turbonegro’s upcoming album is scheduled for an early 2007 release.

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