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Die of Pleasure flyer (www.jailonlimited.typepad.com) (350x263)Die of Pleasure

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SoNorsk, the pure Norwegian London club night, is hosting a brand new event, 'Die of Pleasure', at the Notting Hill Arts Club with British and Norwegian live music from Charly Mathews, Touriste, 120 Days and Bermuda Triangle.

Notting Hill Arts Club in association with Jailon Ltd presents SoNorsk, a pure Norwegian night at London’s Beachclub on Tuesday 23rd May.

'Die of Pleasure', described as a strange and colourful night the artsclub, takes place on Tuesday 23 May and includes both British and Norwegian acts. Brit Charly Mathews has moved her once acoustic sound into a darker, rawer and more gutsy style which aims to entice, excite and maybe even disturb, whilst fellow young and busy British quartet Touriste brings their infectious yet effortless indie anthemic gems. Norwegians Bermuda Triangle are here to disappear you into a vortex of electro beats ethereal voices and Scando lushness. '120 days' is a book written by the Marquis de Sade but that was in 1874 and to bring you up to date SoNorsk presents the Norwegian 120 days, powerful pop poetry from a band that has been compared to early Iggy Pop.

In addition to the live music, a film and slide installation is presented by Joe Upton utilising techniques old and new, Slovenian Mira Sriram casts her photographic eye over the world, Artscape hang their canvas on the walls, Miles Lauterwasser illustrates “hedonism”, Thomas McCabe makes sculpture out of rubbish bins and Louise Taylor titillates with a fashion/costume display that leans towards the night and uses her skills learnt whilst making latex underwear for Torture Garden.

Die of Pleasure
Notting Hill Artsclub
21 Notting Hill Gate
London W11 3JQ
Tuesday 23rd May, 6pm – 2am, free before 8pm £5 after

Notting Hill Arts Club in association with Jailon Ltd, an agency for the promotion and development of Norwegian acts in the UK, presents SoNorsk, a pure Norwegian night at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club

For more info and guest list, contact Amèle at Jailon Ltd - 0797 494 0615 or Amele Younsi - alternatively, visit http://www.jailonlimited.typepad.com/ .

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