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The Great Escape

Publisert: 02/17/2006 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Low Frequency in Stereo, Kaizers Orchestra, Madrugada and Serena Maneesh are confirmed for the UK’s new showcase festival The Great Escape.

The Great Escape, which is staged in Brighton from 18 to 20 May, is a new showcase festival/music industry event that will include both British as well as international acts.

The Great Escape aims to help rising bands break into new markets - as well as give festival fans a taste of what's to come in the new bands tents over the summer. In its inaugural year, more than 100 gigs of all popular genres will take place in around ten venues throughout Brighton, where it's expected to become an annual event. The organisers hope to emulate the success of the American festival SXSW and The Netherlands' EuroSonic, which both act as live platforms for breaking artists as well as networking weekends for the music business.

Norway is represented with four very strong, diverse and highly integral acts: Low Frequency In Stereo, Madrugada, Kaizers Orchestra and Serena Maneesh.

Head of booking at The Great Escape, Martin Elbourne (also of the Glastonbury festival), visited last week’s by:Larm in Tromsø to select the last two Norwegian acts for the Brighton festival. Elbourne’s pick was hyped noise/shoegazer masters Serena Maneesh and Mogwaiesque droning outfit Low Frequency in Stereo. Says Elbourne: ‘It was an easy decision to make; both bands stood out from the crowd - both acts also perform as well on record as they do live.’

Elbourne singles out Serena Maneesh, which recently signed to the Beggars Group subsidiary PlayLouderecordings, as an act with great potential for the UK market: ‘ Currently, there are no British bands that do what Serena Maneesh are doing. After a few gigs in London there’s already a strong buzz for the band.’

In addition to the gigs at The Great Escape, all of the four Norwegian acts are scheduled to perform on the same stage in London on Norway’s National Day, 17th of May.

Low Frequency In Stereo

‘A terrific band with a terrible name… There’s more than a bit of Mogwai in them, but they’re much more happier to mess with their own formulas’ Douglas Wolk, Seattle Weekly.

Low Frequency In Stereo have released two critically albums, a self-titled debut in 2002 and 2004’s ‘Travelling Ants who got eaten by moskus’, as well as last year’s well-received EP ‘Astro Kopp’. The quartet, which hails from the Western town of Haugesund, is currently gearing up for the release of their third album which is scheduled for release on 13 March.

Listen to and download Low Frequency In Stereo audio here.

Serena Maneesh

Serena Maneesh is without a doubt one of the last year’s most hyped Norwegian acts. A panegyric Pitchforkmedia.com review from last year’s Øya Festival set the ball rolling. Pitchfork followed up by awarding 8,5 out of ten to the outfit’s self-titled debut album released last year on small Norwegian indie Honeymilk. Serena Maneesh has since signed to PlayLouderecordings and is set to tour the US in March. Definitely a band for the future.

Listen to and downlod Serena Maneesh audio here.

2005 proved to be a banner year for the North-Norwegian masters of melancholy. Their fourth album ‘The Deep End’ and the subsequent live recording ‘Live at Tralfamadore’ have gone triple platinum, they’ve sold out the country’s biggest venues and even enjoyed a No. 1 spot on the Greek charts. Having established a loyal following on the Continent, the quartet is now diverting its focus to the British Isles where the outfit has played few gigs. Backed by a tremendous domestic success, Madrugada are poised to make an impact on the notoriously difficult UK market.

Kaizers Orchestra

Kaizers Orchestra’s uniqueness stems from the fact that the vibrant collective sing their easily identifiable tunes in Norwegian. Despite the language barrier, the outfit has managed to establish a loyal following in countries such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland – much a testament to the band’s tremendous live shows which can be truly staggering. Kaizers signed a European deal with Universal Germany last year, and the release of the collective’s latest album ‘Maestro’ has gone down very well across Europe. Kaizers Orchestra is an unique live-act that lacks any parallel – do not miss out on them!

Listen to and download Kaizers Orchestra audio here.

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