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WE 2005 (Photo: Lars M. Kræmer) (350x235)Popkomm showcase profile: WE

Publisert: 09/09/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Veteran stoner-rockers WE are set to bring their trademark psychedelic space-rock to Berlin for their upcoming Popkomm showcase.

Norwegian quartet WE was formed in 1993 by Krisvaag, Don Dons, Goshie and Thomas Felberg. Hailing from Oslo, Norway, the band soon started a reputation for being a phenomenal liveact. The release of their debut album ‘Violently Coloured Sneakers’ in 1996 received great reactions from the press, both in Norway and Europe. The release took them abroad for the first time, including dates in Scandinavia and Europe. ‘Wooferwheels’, the band’s second album was released in september 97 in Scandinavia, and in Europe january 98. ‘Wooferwheels’ took them on their first headlining tours in Europe, two times in half a year, playing every dorf and city possible in the central European countries. WE’s third album, ‘Livin`the Lore’ saw its release in 1999, again to critical acclaim and subsequent domestic and European tours. The band’s fourth album, ‘Dinosauric Futurobic’, was released in March 2002 and added further weight to the WE campaign. The now classic mini-album ‘Lightyears Ahead’ was released on Black Balloon Records in March 2004, again to rave reviews.

We’s most successful release to date is last year’s ‘Smugglers’ which earned the hard-working outfit its first No. 1 spot on the national sales charts, the VG List. A string of well-received festival appearances, a long domestic tour and ecstatic reviews along with such hits as Catch Electrique and Sassy Zazie secured the band commercial success at last. The album was produced in companionship with Chris Goss (Kyuss, Queens of The Stone Age) and mixed by Johan Forsman (The Soundtrack of Our Lives etc.), and represents the current highlight of a long and intense career.

WE have played high-profile festival appearances such as Roskilde, Hultsfred, Arvika, Quart, Eurosonic and South by Southwest. The band has also supported Masters of Reality and Queens of the Stone Age on their European tours.

WE are also recipients for the prestigious Norwegian Alarm music awards.

WE are set to play the Club 23 at the Popkomm Festival Centre at the Kulturbräuerei on 16 September at 9:00pm.

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