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Red Harvest 2004 (Foto: Paul Mileman ) (300x200)Popkomm showcase profile: Red Harvest

Publisert: 09/07/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


One of Norwegian metal’s true veterans join Enslaved, Madder Mortem and Audrey Horne for Popkomm's 'Norwegian Metal Night'.

Red Harves are true veterans on the Norwegian metal scene, having been around since the late 80s. Masters of what the band describes as Apocalyptic Industrial Pranoia Metal, Red Harvest have carved out a niche of their own in which they perfect their form of extreme metal that is played with a confidence that can only be achieved by years and years of rehearsal and live gigs.

Norwegian metal has taken on many shapes in the past decade, but few groups have achieved the near painful beauty of pure industrial metal like Red Harvest. It’s been more than ten years since the release of the band’s first album – years spent on the borderline between alternative art music and metal mayhem. Along with such bands as Mayhem, Cadaver and Darktrhone.Red Harvest are true veterans of Norwegian metal, renowned for their perfected recordings and awe inspiring live appearances.

Along the way, Red Harvest have released no less than 9 albums, beginning with ‘Nomindsland’ in 1992 and culminating in 2004’s ‘Internal Punishment Programs’. A new album is also in the works.

The outfit have toured extensively throughout their career – domestically as well as abroad. Beginning in early October, Red Harvest will head out on an European extensive tour with Arcturus – dates are found in MIC’s calendar section.

Red Harvest are signed to Season of Mist.

Red Harvest play the Knaack club on 14 September as part of Popkomm’s ‘Norwegian Metal Night’.

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