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No Spaghetti Edition stage Argentinean festival

Publisert: 08/30/2005 av - Red.


Ivar Grydeland med No Spaghetti Edition - Ultima 2003 (350x) Improv collective No Spaghetti Edition have chosen Buenos Aires as the host city for their upcoming festival.

Vibrant and creative free-improvisation collective No Spaghetti Edition are heading for Buenos Aires this week to stage their second international festival.

The governing idea of No Spaghetti Edition is that the core members of the collective, guitarist/composer Ivar Grydeland, percussionist Ingar Zach and double bassist Tonny Kluften, travel abroad to collaborate with local free improvisers rather than staging a conventional tour.

“The concept behind No Spaghetti Edition makes it natural to see beyond our own tiny part of the world” says Grydeland. “The concept of No Spaghetti Edition is to gather musicians from the global improve scene to explore different angles of approach and to create new music for collective improvisation, soloists and smaller ensembles.”

From 2 to 4 September, the No Spaghetti Edition crew will be busy staging their vibrant festival in Buenos Aires.

Why then, was Buenos Aires chosen as host city for the festival? “Actually, it was coincidental that we chose Buenos Aires” says Grydeland. “We performed in Madrid in 2003 and met two Argentinean musicians there; Lenoel Kaplan (trumpet) and Diego Chamy (percussion) from the Colectivos Movimentos art collective. They invited me to tour in Argentina and Chile the following year, which resulted in us playing 11 gigs in 12 days in August 2004. The whole thing went down so well that it spawned the idea of staging our entire festival down there.”

The focus of the upcoming No Spaghetti Edition festival is collective performances in a large ensemble with basis in free improvisation. In addition to the Zach/Grydeland/Kluften trio, Norwegian noise master Lasse Marhaug, two French and eight Argentinean musicians as well as one dancer are also set to perform.

The inaugural No Spaghetti Edition festival was held last year in Barcelona.

The festival is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Norwegian Arts Council and Norwegian Jazz Forum and is sponsored by Kongsberg Maritim.

No Spaghetti Edition have toured extensively on the international circuit over the last few years featuring such acclaimed performers as Derek Bailey, Evan Parker and Phil Minton.

Line up – artists and musicians No Spaghetti Edition Festival 2005:
Lasse Marhaug (No) - electronics, Jean Pallandre (Fra) -phonography, Leonel Kaplan (Arg) - trumpet , Ivar Grydeland (No) - guitar, banjo , Tonny Kluften (No) – double bass, Diego Chamy (Arg) - percussion, Ingar Zach (No) - percussion, Andrea Fernández (Arg) - dance , Lucio Capece (Arg) – bass clarinet, soprano sax, mixer, Xavier Charles (Fra) - clarinet, vibrating surfaces, Sergio Merce (Arg) – tenor sax, electronics, Gabriel Paiuk (Arg) - piano, Alan Courtis (Arg) - guitar, piano Luis Conde (Arg) – short-wave receiver, and Guillermo Mèndez (Arg) - guitar.

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