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"This is Music From Norway" successfully launched

Publisert: 06/13/2005 av - Red.


This Is Music From Norway (logo) (340x237) This week saw the successful launch of “This is Music From Norway” a brand new music web site targeted at the North American audience.

Monday 13 June was the launch date for This is Music From Norway™, a new web-based music service created in order to make Norwegian music and culture commercially accessible to 4.9 million Americans of Norwegian heritage through the site www.norway.com . The Music Information Centre Norway is a key partner in the project as a content supplier for the brand new and genuine site that will supply up-to-date news and informative background articles as well as a very well stocked music shop operated by Phonofile.

This is Music From Norway definitely distinguishes itself in the manifold of web-based music traders. The service offers exclusively downloads of Norwegian artists and a broad range of information services about Norwegian music and culture.

This is Music From Norway targets first and foremost North America, where the world's largest population of ethnic Norwegians outside Norway are living. In the future, This is Music From Norway will also stepwise be accessible in other countries in the world.

Unquestionably an advancement, the project is a joint-venture between selected parties from the Norwegian music business, Norwegian American Foundation, and Nordmannsforbundet through Norgate AS, the proprietor and executioner of the site www.norway.com

The purpose of the project is tripartite:
· To exploit the internet as a value-increasing channel for Norwegian musical proprietors and administrators of national musical rights.
· Take advantage of the centennial celebrations marking Norway's independence and the attention this event will receive in the USA in terms of focus on Norwegian history, cultural life, heritage and technological opportunities.
· To thus create a commercial model aimed at redistributing financial resources directly back to Norwegian music industry, and therewith stimulate the future development of Norwegian artists and musicians.

Norwegian artists have never received more attention abroad than at present. Some good examples are; Annie, Røyksopp and Leif Ove Andsnes, all of them achieving impressive international success!

This is Music From Norway aims to support and increase this attention by being a committed window, enabling Norwegian artists to showcase themselves, and to ease the access of information about Norwegian music and culture.

The service will launched internationally in several stages, where stage 1 is in cooperation with www.norway.com

This is Music From Norway is a joint venture between institutions in the Norwegian music business, represented by:

· Phonofile AS
· The Music Information Centre Norway


· The Norwegian American Foundation
· Nordmannsforbundet through Norgate AS

The project is executed by Brand Management Group AS.

This is Music From Norway offers:
· Digital downloads
· News
· Articles and biographies
· Event calendar
· A Norwegian music business directory

Check out the new site here.

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