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Saint Thomas 2005 (300x242)

Saint-sighting in the Mojave Desert.

Publisert: 06/09/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


Two little news nuggets on Norwegian singer-songwriter St. Thomas (Thomas Hansen): he’s decided to become a proper saint and therefore insists on spelling it out rather than sticking with the hitherto ‘St.’, and he has been observed in the awe-inspiring Mojave desert in Southern California.

Whether or not the new status of full saint and his appearance in the realms of the revered Joshua Tree, are directly connected is not known, but evidence points towards the two things being unrelated.

Rather, reliable sources, which, by the way, are scarce regarding this somewhat enigmatic artist, will have it that the name-change is due to inconsistent spelling in international mags, while his spirited, barefooted roamings in Mojave were part of a video recording:

After completing his April east coast tour of the US., Saint Thomas and director Lasse Gretland went west to record a video for the soon-to-be released track ‘Morning dancer’ in the spectacular environs of the Joshua Tree national park in California; a place with a certain position in the mythology and lore of popular music.

The video also includes footage from Death Valley and Hollywood. According to the director it is among the more bizarre spectacles he has (over)seen, featuring Saint T. indulging in some rather unholy, i.e. alcohol-inspired, sun-stricken and snake-aware, desert dancing.

“It’s easily the most difficult video I’ve done”, says Gretland: “What we were doing was tough and Thomas was tired after touring, but I’m very happy with it.”

The artist himself says with conviction that “It’s my best video thus far, beyond doubt”

‘Morning dancer’ will be released in the middle of June, while the album to which it belongs; the artist’s fifth LP, entitled ‘Children of the new brigade’, will be out in august.

“I think it’s a varied record” the artist reflects, “but there’s not too much to say about it except that I’m really looking forward to its release, because making records is what I do, the only thing I know how to. It’s my destiny.”

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