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Atomic (170x116)Scandinavian jazz masters Atomic set to play the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

Publisert: 06/07/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


Made up of Norwegian and Swedish musicians, all belonging to the top stratum of the European jazz circuit, Atomic has established itself as one of the most respected “new” constellations in jazz.

Atomic’s 2001 debut “Feet Music” received international critical acclaim, and made The Guardian’s (UK) John Fordham describe Atomic as “One of the most exhilarating new groups on the European circuit!” Their latest release, 2003’s “Boom Boom” was denoted “a timeless classic” by some of Norway’s most influential critics.

Atomic have become a much sought-after outfit appearing on the wish-list of jazz audiences across Europe and north America, and the band has made a number of very memorable appearances at some of the best jazz festivals around.

Their two nights at the Vancouver jazz festival will not be the first time for Atomic to visit the hub of British Columbia where they have made their presence duly noticed before.
The band’s Pål Nilssen-Love (drums) and Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (bass), both Norwegian, will also play a festival gig in advance of the Atomic shows with another celebrated outfit: Scorch trio.

The festival website describes the group’s music thus:

“Atomic plays original music that mixes grooves and modes with a distinctive approach to free playing. Think classic Miles Davis meets late-period Coltrane meets Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, and you'll get an idea why their terrific sounds have spurred collaborations with leading contemporary jazz musicians, including Chris Potter and Ken Vandermark from the U.S., Iain Ballamy from the U.K. and the Swede Per ‘Texas’ Johansson”.

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