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Mohr: mohr (cover) (150x150)Mohr: mohr

Publisert: 05/31/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Mohr's self-titled album

Two brothers named Mohr constitute the core of the band Mohr. Mohr has now made a record called Mohr. Mohr is Mohr’s third album. Their previous releases have been well received and the verdict from the press was always that “Mohr is the sound of summer and for this we like them and thank them, for summer is short in Norway and anyone who can help us further the sentiments of sun and sea into fall and winter are to be hailed.” On the current album the “summery vein” is still intact. In fact it is enhanced further, to judge by the critics. The record has received very favourable reviews across the line, and all seem to agree that the specific Mohr formula –which is sunny, happy, catchy guitar pop- has been refined to perfection. As these ingredients are not uncommon in popular music, to make them work anew and to strike the listener again and again is a telling verdict of the class of this band.

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