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Robert Normann: 'The definitive collection 3' (150x150)Robert Normann: The definitive collection 3

Publisert: 05/30/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Robert Normann's 'The definitive collection 3'

The legendary guitarist Robert Normann is a giant in Norwegian jazz. The internationally renowned player is acknowledged as one of the instrument’s true original pioneers. Even Django Reinhardt was known to admire this master of swing on six strings, he once said: “Why do you want me to come to Norway? You’ve got Robert Normann!” The quiet and modest self-taught guitar icon was a master of swing, phrasing, note choices, accompaniment and soloing. One of the first to experiment with guitar improvisation, Normann is credited as being one of the founders of Norwegian jazz. This third and final compilation in the ‘definitive Normann collection’ series covers the height of his career from the early fifties to the early seventies. The multi-faceted life of the six-string genius is covered by the excellent liner notes and the selection of tracks represents a worthy portrait of Normann. The world-class guitarist is immortalized on this series of compilations – the definitive collection of Normann’s musical universe.

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