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Jon Anders Halvorsen / Tore Bruvoll 'Nattsang' (cover) (150x150)Jon Anders Halvorsen / Tore Bruvoll: Nattsang

Publisert: 05/27/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC's Listen to Norway series contiues with Jon Anders Halvorsen / Tore Bruvoll's 'Nattsang'

On their first outing ‘Nattsang’ (Night Song), vocalist Jon Anders Halvorsen and guitarist Tore Bruvoll bring forth a set of beautiful ballads and folk hymns that are deeply rooted in Norway’s Telemark County. The performers are in their 20s, but the repertoire is far much older with some of the ballads dating as far back as to the medieval ages. Bruvoll’s warm and restrained guitar backing is at the same time true to the traditional singing style and brings Halvorsen’s performance into the modern era. The raw and simple energy of vocals and guitar is spiced up with trumpet, viola and percussion at times – adding subtle but effective contrasts to the minimalist set-up.

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