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Hans Haugen: Felespell fra Susendal (cover) (150x150)Hans Haugen: Felespell fra Susendal

Publisert: 05/27/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Hans Haugen's 'Felespell fra Susendal'

In 1955 Norwegian national broadcasting went on a mission to Nordland to collect and record the musical heritage of the area. The richest source they found was the fiddler Hans Haugen (1900-1973). This record is a presentation of a selection of the tunes Haugen recorded back then, all of which sit in the archives of the national broadcasting as an everlasting document. Haugen was widely known as one of the master fiddlers of the area. He had learnt both his playing and his repertoire from his father and as such was a prime steward of a tradition on the verge of endangerment even in his own lifetime. Therefore he expressed relief that he was able to do the recordings for the sake of documentation. His playing was known to be energetic and always capable of luring the audience to the dance floor.

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