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Safariari: Goa Way (cover) (150x150)Safariari: Goa Way

Publisert: 05/26/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Safariari's 'Goa Way' album

Goa Way is the second album from Norwegian band Safariari. While their 2002 debut Zebra Knights was -albeit its anomalous tendencies- still unquestionably electronica, 2004’s Goa Way excels at the art of making a pleasurable and surprisingly focused whole of the most disparate musical ingredients. The genius of these guys is that what they are up to is the opposite of conscious genre-meddling, i.e. multiplying elements for the sake of superficial artistic arithmetic. On the contrary they boil a brew that one is tempted to think of as utilizing only the most carefully selected ingredients instead of the more common and predictable gluttony on the shelves of references. The result is a uniquely refreshing blend of quintessential guitar pop, electronova, soul, funk, house and classical hedonist genres such as Tropicana. And the fabulous fact is that the ingredients -which isolated perhaps would sound corny- and genres regarded exclusively weird and entertaining, in the hands of Safariari ascend to the role of perfect and irreplaceable features in a complex and delightful summer cocktail of sound.

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