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Morten Abel - no. 4 on the domestic sales charts (250x222)Strong sales of domestic repertoire in November

Publisert: 12/17/2004 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


The latest figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors show that domestic repertoire is dramatically increasing its market share.

The November retail statistics from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors show a clear market growth for domestic sales of phonograms. Sales on the Norwegian market were up 29% in volume and 25% in value compared to November 2003.

Sales of CD albums are up 31% in volume and 27% in value compared to last year. Sales of singles continue the downward trend – down 13% in volume and 21% in value compared to 2003. The negative trend of declining DVD music sales seems to have stalled somewhat – up 17% in volume and down 1% in value.

The overall sales figures show a healthy growth, but the percentage of domestic repertoire can only be described as astonishing. Sales of Norwegian releases on the domestic market are up as much as 61% in volume and 59% in value! Over the course of the year’s first eleven months, sales of domestic repertoire has grown 32% in volume and 27% in value compared to last year. The domestic percentage in November was as high as 30%. For the year seen as a whole, the domestic percentage is now 25% - a strong improvement over previous years’ performance where the percentage has been as low as 10-11%.

Total sales in 2004 so far amount to 11,5 million albums, 747 000 singles and 251 000 music DVDs resulting in a turnover of NOK 799m ($130,8m/€97,6m). Compared to 2003 this is an increase of 2% in volume and a decrease of 1% in value compared to last year.

These were the market shares in October:
Universal 30,4%
EMI Recorded Music 17,4%
Sony 12,8%
Warner 12,1%
BMG 7,9%
Bonnier Amigo 5,2%
Master Music/Naxos 3,3%
MO 3,0%
Bare Bra / Tylden 2,4%
Playground 1,9%
Tuba 1,8%
VME 1,0%
KKV 0,8%

Total turnover in October was NOK 141,7m ($23,2m /€17,3m)

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