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Einherjer 2004 (300x253)Einherjer: Blot

Publisert: 01/21/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Einherjer’s 'Blot' album.

Eiherjers latest album Blot also turned out to be their last. To the infinite grief of their many fans in lands far and near the trio chose to disband earlier this year.
But however great the loss for the genre they heralded and refined –Viking metal- the breaking up of Eiherjer will surely only magnify the impact and status of their swansong Blot. Viking metal is –in Einherjers own description- the expression that captures the grandeur, mystique and enchantment -the transcendent lure- that belongs to Norse mythology and also Scandinavian factual history, fused with the unrestrained energy and aggression of heavy metal. Einherjers music is epic and elusive –catering to the sentiments of longing and remembrance of a different world- and extremely concrete; in its adherence to the primordial phenomenon of the call to battle, the advent of strife. Blot interweaves these elements perfectly and creates a tapestry that unveils a complex of feelings and reflections that objective words could not capture. The lyrics also adhere to this principle of fusion in that they are a blend of English and Norwegian, archaic and modern, myth and fantasy, appropriated and composed. They are sometimes excerpts from the mythology and sometimes original expressions of the age-old battle cry. Viking metal is a unique genre that transcends the purely musical in an extremely focused way. It is not a dive into any set of emotions and affections, it caters specifically to the epic vein in the listener, and it does so with mind boggling effect. Hence the profundity of the relationship fans have to this music, and hence the great number of them.

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