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Jaga Jazzist (300x219)The Northwest Passage

Publisert: 11/03/2004 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Contemporary Norwegian jazz and electronica is set to make an impact in the Bay Area this week as The Northwest Passage festival kicks off. Jaga Jazzist, Supersilent, Maja Ratkje and DJ Strangefruit are some of the acts that are set to offer a respite from the ongoing presidential election thriller.

The renowned Kongsberg Jazz Festival takes a giant leap abroad this autumn. The innovative and respected festival has been granted a slot in the San Francisco Jazz Festival’s programme to feature some of the Norwegian festival’s domestic performance highlights. Kongsberg Jazz Festival Managing Director Martin Revheim brings with him some of Norwegian jazz’ and electronica’s most central names: Supersilent, DJ Bjørn Torske, Maja Ratkje, Jaga Jazzist, DJ Strangefruit, DJ Kent Horne and Arve Henriksen.

Key partners in this project, that aims at mutual exchange of ideas and experiences between the two festivals, are the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Hundreårsmarkeringen Norge 2005 (the organisational body for the centennial anniversary of Norwegian independence). Kongsberg Jazz Festival and Martin Revheim have been acting as consultants and advisers to Norge 2005 and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supplying suggestions for bands and performers. Main aims of the project are to promote Norway, Norwegian music, celebrate Norwegian independence and a century of close ties to key partner countries.

Supersilent and Jaga Jazzist are to perform at the prestigious San Francisco Jazz Festival on Thu November 4 (at the Great American Music Hall) while Maja Ratkje and Arve Henriksen join forces for a performance in the Field Effects electro acoustic concert series. DJs Strangefruit, Kent Horne and Arve Henriksen will spin the vinyl at the venue 111 Minna Gallery.

In addition to the Bay area gigs, the Northwest Passage programme includes concerts in Seattle, New York and Vancouver. On Friday 5th Supersilent play Vancouver’s Dance Theatre, Chicago’s renowned Empty Bottle on Saturday 6th and New York’s Tonic on Monday 8th of November. Jaga Jazzist play the Black Cat in Washington, DC on Sunday 7th.

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