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Bjørn Ianke: The Contemporary Solo Double Bass vol. 3 cover (200x200)Bjørn Ianke: The Contemporary Solo Double Bass vol. 3- Nordheim, Hedstrøm, Xenikas, Hellstenius

Publisert: 05/12/2004 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Bjørn Ianke's "The Contemporary Solo Double Bass vol. 3"

The Contemporary Solo Double Bass vol. 3 is a release that differs from other discs in that it is a posthumous record. Double bass master Bjørn Ianke passed away in spring 2002, and would never live to experience the applause his interpretations have garnered. The featured works on this disc are Arne Nordheim’s “Three stanzas for double bass alone”, Herik Hellstenius’ “Essays sur le temps double”, Iannis Zenakis’ “Theraps” and Åse Hedstrøm’s “Touche for double bass”. Throughout the recording, Ianke displays a thorough dedication to the challenging pieces, working his way into the complex structures, bringing the unwieldy instrument to life through sheer commandment of the heavy-gauge strings. The contemporary solo double bass vol. 3 stands out as a fanfare, a salute to a highly respected and co-creating musician.

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