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Silver (130x200)Norwegian Roskilde acts confirmed

Publisert: 05/03/2004 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


A strong Norwegian influx at this year’s Roskilde festival is secured: twelve acts from Norway are confirmed to perform at one of Northern Europe’s most central events.

The following acts are confirmed to this year’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark that runs from July 1-4: Thomas Dybdahl, Ricochets, Silver, Gisli, Noxagt, Bugge Wesseltoft, Cloroform, Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band, Definite, Diaz, Wibutee and Bermuda Triangle.

International headliners include such acts as The Pixies, Franz Ferdinand, Basement Jaxx, The Von Bondies, Muse and Wu-Tang Clan.

Thomas Dybdahl captured the domestic audience when he debuted with the mature outing “That October Sound” in 2002. Jeff Buckleyesque vocals and clever songwriting has earned him a solid following on the home stage as well as a rapidly growing Scandinavian audience. Applauded domestic festival gigs last year as well as his recently released second album, “Stray Dogs”, is reason enough to seek out the great white hope of Norwegian soul.

After a lengthy hiatus from the spotlight, Ricochets returned with a vengeance in 2003 with their landmark “The Ghost of Our Love” album which is out in Europe now on Bad Afro. The band is on the verge of an international breakthrough after intense European touring and solid reviews.

Alarm winners Silver is another band that’s in the midst of a hectic period of touring as they support their acclaimed debut album “White Diary” (Bad Afro), released earlier this year. Influences from glam and classic bands such as Hanoi Rocks have given the quintet a striking stage appearance and a knack for writing the odd hit single such as the radio anthem “Angels Calling” which has seen heavy domestic airplay.

Strictly speaking, Gisli is not Norwegian; he holds an Icelandic nationality and should therefore not be profiled as a Norwegian Roskilde act. However, the talented songwriter has been based in Oslo for years, is signed to a Norwegian label and speaks so well Norwegian that we count him as one of our own. Gisli’s international career is taking shape these days, particularly in the UK where his latest EP has been given both airplay and rave reviews. A spirited and applauded appearance at this year’s by:Larm event in Bergen solidified his status as a growing act set to make a substantial impact in the time to come.

Noxagt struck a cord with reviewers at home and abroad with their stunning “Turning it down since 2001” album. The noise trio is embarking on an extensive European tour this spring, and is also scheduled for a John Peel session on BBC radio. To quote The Wire magazine’s David Stubbs on the band’s noise cascades: “Noxagt leave you feeling cleansed, light-headed and elated - positively disturbed”

Bugge Wesseltoft is not a stranger on the European club circuit. The Jazzland Records father slash renowned keyboardist/producer could be labelled the father of Norwegian nu-jazz/club-jazz and enjoys a strong following abroad. His latest album “Filming” has garnered strong reviews, particularly in France and Germany, with a successively successful tour.

Cloroform is a unique act on the Norwegian scene. The hard-hitting trio describes its musical outings as punk-jazz. The band’s take-no-prisoners approach to improvisation leaves the listener stunned and numbed. A live favourite among the Oslo jazz/clubbing crowd.

Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band have spent the last months touring in support of their acclaimed debut release “A special album”. The band captured the audience during the act’s 2002 Roskilde with stunning pyrotechnics, dancers and turbo-charged percussion/drums workouts. Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren add a vital charismatic live-element to their grooving electronica numbers – providing the audience with a live experience more rewarding than the usual knob-twiddling introverts that make for most current club live-acts.

Definite is in for his first Roskilde appearance. The fresh-faced young rapper is one of Norwegian hip-hop’s rising stars having won the national battle of MCs. His latest EP “Inkasso” earned him a larger audience than that of the close knit hip-hop community.

Diaz is a veteran on the Norwegian hip-hop scene, having been a central member of the standard-setting Tommy Tee posse for years. Solo releases as well as contributions to other acclaimed rap releases has put Diaz at the centre of the spotlight – a spot he’s destined to maintain at this year’s Roskilde.

Wibutee is another central act on the nu-jazz/club jazz scene with two acclaimed albums and lengthy tours at home and abroad to their credit. The line-up consists of several of Norwegian jazz and electronica’s most central names – representing the best of both worlds.

Last year saw Bermuda Triangle releasing their long-awaited debut album “Mooger Fooger”. The electronica outfit has had several of their tracks playlisted by some of the genre’s top international DJ’s. International touring has also planted sees that has grown into a loyal audience abroad, many of which will find their way to Bermuda Triangle’s Roskilde gig.

More info on the Roskilde Festival can be found here.

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