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Moments Notice: (cover) Moments Notice (150x150)Moments Notice: Moments Notice

Publisert: 10/01/2004 av Bente Kalsnes


Listen to Norway continues with Moments Notice: Moments Notice

The young musical talents of Moments Notice met at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and since 1998, they have searched and experimented to develop their own sound. And indeed, they have found it. It is unusual that the tuba is the rhythmic instrument that drives the music forward in a restless pace, but Lars Andreas Haug shows that it is possible. Some of the tuba parts are nothing less than astonishing wild and raw. Similarly, Vidar Sæter (sax, clarinet) and Knut Ålefjær (drums, percussion) are playing with great self confidence and creativity. Sæter and Haug have composed all the songs (except for two songs by James Moody and Dexter Gordon), all of them intense and exotic – manifesting the band’s playfulness and creativity.

Moments Notice: Moments Notice (Sonor Records)

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