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Niko Valkeapää: (cover) Niko Valkeapää (100x100)Niko Valkeapää: Niko Valkeapää

Publisert: 10/05/2004 av Bente Kalsnes


Listen to Norway continues with Niko Valkeapää: Niko Valkeapää

The self-titled debut album manifests Niko Valkeapää as one of Sami music's foremost performers. The young performer and composer has found his musical platform, which was confirmed when he recently received the Norwegian Grammy in the open class category. He is solidly anchored in the Sami tradition, but Valkeapää’s musical outings owe more to contemporary and mature electronica-infused pop than traditional Sami chanting does. Valkeapää himself defines the music as experimental pop. In close partnership with fellow co-producer, Oslo-based Georg Buljo, Niko Valkeapää has created a sterling album with strong contributions from a varied and competent crew of musicians associated with artists such as Mari Boine, Jon Balke and Amundsen. The expression is subdued and understated, but the captivating and warm vocal provide enough force to propel the minimalist playing and sparse arrangements into a powerful mix.

Niko Valkeapää: Niko Valkeapää (Musikkoperatørene)

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