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Kurt Nilsen (Foto:BMG) (283x356)World Idol winner sees heavy international airplay

Publisert: 03/17/2004 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Winner of the international final of the World Idol contest, Bergen’s Kurt Nilsen is beginning to experience the effects of his victory earlier this year: his single "She’s So High" has gone straight to No. 1 on German and Polish radio.

Nilsen secured the victory at the Wold Idol final with a smashing rendition of U2’s “Beautiful Day”. The tune that is now breaking new ground is the highly catchy anthem “She’s So High” – a huge domestic hit last year.

This week saw Nilsen at the top of Germany and Poland’s radio charts. His album has shifted more than 40 000 units in Germany – pre-international version release.

To date, Nilsen has sold more than 150 000 copies of his “I” album world wide. The release is expected to yield higher sales as the artist is still in the promotion phase. “I” was released this week in Germany, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Canada.

BMG and Nilsen’s management, Playroom, report that international interest and attention is mounting and new territories are opening up on a daily basis. Hectic radio and TV promotion in addition to showcases and selected gigs is the main staple of the next months’ diet.

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