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Lars Horntveth: by:Larm praised by the Independent

Publisert: 03/17/2004 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


It’s been a month since the last chord was strummed at the successful by:Larm in Bergen, but press coverage is still ticking in. Independent’s reporter Martin Longley discovered some new and interesting sounds in Bergen last month.

“It was an electro-acoustic wonder” says Independent’s Martin Longley on Lars Horntveth’s (of Jaga Jazzist fame) electronics and strings laden concert at last month’s by:Larm in Bergen. Longley was clearly blown away by Horntveth’s uncanny ability to blend violins and cellos with carefully edited electronic parts, a hard-strummed acoustic guitar and his own reeds. Horntveth’s debut album, (the universally acclaimed) Pooka, is out now on Smalltown Supersound.

On the other end of the genre-spectrum, Longley discovered Clown: “…a coalition of spiky punks and maned rockers, driven by the extremely intricate bats of a back drummer.” “…they climaxed in multiple fashion, marvellously deranged…”

Kobert is another act that caught Longley’s attention: ‘”…this abstract jazz trio was fronted by a very unusual scatting stylist, flitting around in fron of a pared-down backing band of just a Hammond organ and an array of drums. She’s surely set for stardom.”

Other acts that are highlighted by the Independent journalist include Ark Manifest, Bonk, Rundfunk, The Sellick Maneuver and Electro Ompaniet.

Read the entire article here.

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