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The Music Information Centre Norway will be hosting an international conference on The Politics of Music in Bergen, Norway on the 27th and the 28th of May, 2004. The conference will offer key speakers from a wide range of the international music scene, who will focus on three main themes: The Politics of Music, Music in Media and the Market, and New Tools, New Tasks in Music Information.
The conference wil be opened by the Minister of Culture in Norway, who will speak on cultural politics in a globalized world. The conference takes place during the Bergen International Festival, and is open to the public.

        MIC Norway - the organizer
        BERGEN DURING YOUR STAY - tourist and culture

Today music information is taking place in a complex arena where politics, media, and the market collide. Multinational companies acquire larger shares of the music market, making it harder for independent actors to compete on the same arena. The Goliaths of the music industry also have the strength to lay the premises for media content. As mass media are increasingly tailored for commercial culture products and advertisements, where is the cultural and artistic discourse taking place?

Even though the chorus line on the market stage is huge turnovers, alternative refrains are performed other places, such as the music information centres. New technologies have given performers of music and music information new tools. Digital resources provide information about everything from compositions and artist backgrounds to music downloads, available whenever, wherever. But how do we make the cultural discourse of music in the outskirt audible for the larger audience? And how do we develop a cultural policy for this field? This conference will address this new landscape of music information. The challenges and opportunities in the field will be discussed in three separate sessions.

The Politics of Music
The first session will focus on the conditions for cultural policy within the field of music. Market forces are giving cultural policy makers a tough time, and public discourse is taking place at multiple stages simultaneously, with technology advancing faster than laws. What are the consequences of the conglomeration in the music industry? What roles do the World Trade Organization and international conventions play for the development of the music industry? Do politicians have impact on the music industry at all?

Music in Media and the Market
The second session deals with the conditions given by media and the market. Mass media are effective arenas for commercial business. Media create commercial opportunities for production and distribution of culture, and new cultural genres, styles, even entire art categories, have been produced within the domain of media. But what about all the excellent artists outside media’s spotlight? Should they be the main focus for public music information? Can music information build alliances with media and the culture industries? How and with which instruments can music information be heard outside the subcultures?

New Tools, New Tasks in Music Information
In this last session, we will look further ahead to how our new tools can enhance the quality and richness of information. The Internet represents a wonderful search tool and business opportunities, as well as copyright challenges. But which specific possibilities do new technologies and new media open up for music information? What are the cultural and political goals for music information within the new technological framework? Is it possible to develop an information strategy on a non-commercial basis, and still have a say in a commercial culture? In a diverse music environment, how do we decide on what information to pass on?

The conference is presented by MIC Norway in co-operation with IAMIC - International Association of Music Information Centres and the generous support of Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs 


DAY 1 : 27 MAY
Registration: 09:30 - 13:00

13:00 - opening:
Valgerd Svarstad HAUGLAND, Minister of Culture in Norway
Cultural Policies in a Globalized World

Jostein GRIPSRUD, Professor and head of Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen
Music in the Public Sphere

Halvor MANSHAUS (NO), Senior Associate Lawyer with the lawfirm Schjødt in Oslo
"Dealing with copyright issues and digital media"

Pia RAUG (DK), Composer, Singer, President for CIAM (Conseil International des Auteurs et Compositeurs de Musique)
The destiny of Music and Arts in the hands of politics: Rights and wrongs.

Reiner MORITZ (GER), Director of Poorhouse International
The Temptations of Being Culturally Correct

17:30 - end of day one

DAY 2 : 28 MAY
Dan LUNDBERG, Director of Centre for Swedish Folkmusic and Jazzresearch, and professor of Music and Cultural diversity at Gavle Univesity
Music and cultural diversity in Market and Media

Edward BLAKEMAN, Executive Producer, BBC Proms, and Editor of Live Music BBC Radio 3
Making a Difference: public service broadcasting and the arts

Reiner MORITZ (GER), Director of Poorhouse International
Marketing television productions on music

Rob YOUNG (UK), Chief editor of The Wire
Fighting For Space: The State of Music Journalism

Richard KESSLER, Director of American Music Centre
Music Information: Mission Impossible?

Bendik HOFSETH, Musician, Chairman of NOPA - Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists
The Art of Sustainability in National Music Industries

Peter RANTASA, Director of MIC Austria, project manager of European Music Navigator
Addressing target groups with diversity of musics under the new paradigm of digital music

'Who wants to know what, where, when, why and how?' - Synergy Strategies for a Noisy Music Information Environment.
Monitored by Kate Augestad, Asisstant Professor at Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen
16:30 - End of conference 


The conference takes place at Grand Hotel Terminus, Zander Kaaes Gate 6 (close to the railway station, downtown Bergen)

Conferece fee NOK 1500, incl. coffee breaks both days and lunch on 28 May.

Grand Hotel Terminus or Rica Travel Hotel Bergen: Single room NOK 890, double room
NOK 1090 per night

MIC has negotiated a deal with SAS (Scandinavian Airline System – www.scandinavian.net)
on European and overseas destination tickets. SAS offices around the world will be helpful in
finding the cheapest tickets and the most efficient travel route for the participants. All the
participants will have to do, is to order their tickets through a local SAS
office referring to the reference NO 0413.

Bergen International Festival, programme and tickets available at www.festspillene.no
When registrating online (see below) festival tickets with a 20% discount are available.
Nattjazz, programme and tickets available at www.nattjazz.no

Please register online HERE.

P.O. Box 947, N-5808 Bergen, Norway
e-mail: mail@kongress.no
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Bank: Sparebank 1, Kaigaten 4, N-5020 Bergen, Norway
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MIC is:
- The key partner in your co-operation with the players of the Norwegian music scene
- Your main distributor of scores and parts for Norwegian music
- The Norwegian section of the International Association of Music Information Centres– IAMIC (43 centres in 38 countries)

MIC has:
- Information on composers, performers, concert institutions, record labels etc.
- www.mic.no providing daily news, download solutions, an updated calendar on Norwegian music abroad, contact information, and an updated catalogue on sheet music etc.
- A staff at your service counting 14 persons

MIC promotes the qualities of the Norwegian music scene through information and profiling. As a non-biased resource centre, MIC is a key partner in the co-operation between players of the Norwegian music scene, the general public, as well as international decision-makers.

Music Information Centre Norway
Tollbugt. 28 - N-0157 Oslo - Norway
Tel + 47 2242 9090 - Fax + 47 2242 9091
info@mic.no - mic.no/conference 


The conference will take place during the Bergen International Festival (19 - 30 May), creating a great meeting place for all participants. Jazz-loving night birds also have an opportunity to visit the Nattjazz (Nightjazz) festival. Bergen is the perfect blend of past and present, history and tradition, full of charm and atmosphere. The city of Bergen offers you the ideal combination of nature and culture and is famous as the birth place of Edvard Grieg, the gateway to the fjords and the old “Bryggen”, a Hanseatic wharf included on UNESCO’s list of world heritage of history and culture.

For further information, please visit:
Bergen International Festival: www.festspillene.no
Night Jazz: www.nattjazz.no
Edvard Grieg Museum: www.troldhaugen.com
Bryggen: www.stiftelsenbryggen.no/engelsk.htm
Guide to Bergen: www.bergen-guide.com
Visit Bergen: www.visitbergen.com
Visit Norway: www.visitnorway.com

The conference is made possible with the generous support from:

Arts Council Norway

Nordic Cultural Fund

and Scandinavian Airline System








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