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Ole Staveteig: (cover) Plays Jimi Hendrix (154x152)Ole Staveteig: Plays Jimi Hendrix

Publisert: 01/21/2004 av Bente Kalsnes


MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Ole Staveteig: Plays Jimi Hendrix. The tapping expert is also out with "Best of TAP" these days.

The risk when playing Jimi Hendrix’ songs is high. Some look upon it as swearing in church. Others have disgraced their carriers because of him. Ole Staveteig, however, needed only two minutes to decide whether he should take the chance. And his judgement appears to be right. The Norwegian tapping guitarist interprets Hendrix in his own, unique way, adding new details to classics such as Castles Made of Sand and Little Wing. Inspired by Stanley Jordan, the experienced guitarist has perfected the complex tapping technique at five albums so far. He plays cords and bass line with the left hand, and improvisation and melody with the right hand, all by tapping fingers on the fret board. Accompanied by Karen Jo Field’s velvet voice, Staveteig’s version of Castles Made of Sand is a tribute to the old master, just as Hei Jo (Hey Joe) featuring Ole Paus adds humour and energy to Jimi.

Ole Staveteig: Plays Jimi Hendrix (C+C Records)

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