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Hellbillies: (cover) Cooltur (125x125)Hellbillies: CoolTur

Publisert: 12/08/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Hellbillies: CoolTur

Americana roots-rock sung in Norwegian sounds like a contradiction in terms, but with CoolTur, Hellbillies manage to fuse Norwegian lyrics (sung in a thick Hallingdal-dialect) with a soundscape that’s usually associated with a thick American drawl. Depicting daily life in rural Norway, Hellbilies’ tunes showcase an authentic down-to-earthness that’s accompanied by solid playing and clever songwriting. This live-recording features material that’s quieter and more subtle than previous studio albums – more acoustic and less electric. More than anything, “CoolTur” is a vivid portrait of the common Norwegian drawn with understated strokes by songwriter Arne Moslåtten and a fine-tuned band that have been performing for years. Solid stuff.

Hellbillies: CoolTur (Warner Music Norway AS – 5050466-0346-2-5

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