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Kåre Nordstoga: (cover) L.M. Lindeman - Organ works (150x150)Kåre Nordstoga: L.M. Lindeman - Organ works

Publisert: 12/08/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Kåre Nordstoga: L.M. Lindeman - Organ works

Even if Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (1812-1887) is well known domestically as a composer, his organ works are not frequently performed these days. Kåre Nordstoga’s renditions of Lindeman’s organ pieces on this release are therefore a welcome initiative. “Organ works” is an important record seen in a historical context, but also because of Nordstoga’s elegant playing and strong sense of nuance and respect of the composer’s extensive use of musical ornamentation. Lindeman is considered one of the most central figures in the history of 19th century Norwegian church music given his contribution to compile the most widely used choral book today. His efforts to collect Norwegian folk tunes further strengthened Lindeman’s position in the Norwegian music tradition. On “Organ works” Nordstoga pays homage to the elder master, treating the pieces with due respect as he performs them on Oslo Cathedral’s magnificent organ.
Kåre Nordstoga: L.M. Lindeman - Organ works (Simax Classics –PSC 1214)

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