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Kjell Flem (100x128)Kjell Flem: Ultima Thule

Publisert: 12/02/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Kjell Flem: Ultima Thule

Nature is the major source of inspiration for composer Kjell Flem, and nature mysticism is an underpinning major element for the featured works on “Ultima Thule”. Influence from Olivier Messiaën as well as fascination for nature mysticism creates a rich and characteristic sonic texture that invites the listener to stretch his or hers imagination to its limits and explore Flem’s colourful harmonic landscape. “Ultima Thule” features three central Flem works: a Piano Concerto, Solar Wind for Strings and Ultima Thule per Orchestra. The masterful and monumental piano concerto is written in a free-tonal style and presents the grand piano with ample room to resonate against the larger orchestra. Solar winds for Strings is inspired by Japanese nature and a dream of floating weightlessly through space while Ultima Thule draws heavily on Arctic atmosphere with its clarity and suggested images of a grand landscape.

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