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Food: (cover) Veggie (140x140)Food: Veggie

Publisert: 11/28/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Food: Veggie

The blend of Iain Ballamy’s distinctive and lyrical sax and Arve Henriksen’s breathy trumpet textures is the perfect foil for the entrancing bass and drum trips created by the vital rhythm section that consists of Mats Eilertsen (double bass) and Thomas Strønen (drums). The gritty production and electronic soundscaping courtesy of Deathprod, aka Helge Sten, add even more colour to the rich sonic palette that is “Veggie”. Despite the experimental nature of the music and the electronic touches applied by Deathprod, “Veggie” remains a very accessible and organic record, where melodies and simple instrumentation always emerge to craft the most intense and beautiful elements of these sonic constructions. Truly and profoundly beautiful as well as stingingly original, “Veggie” manages to remain grounded and accessible. Solid!

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