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Arne Nordheim 2 (foto: Lisbeth Risnes) (300x221)Arne Nordheim: Listen - The Art of Arne Nordheim

Publisert: 10/15/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with the stunning historical document that is the extensive Arne Nordheim compilation "Listen - The Art of Arne Nordheim".

For more than thirty years, Arne Nordheim has been regarded as Norway’s most prominent contemporary composer, a musical explorer and leading figure in European music. Many regard him as one of the most imaginative, exciting and sensitive composer of our time whose individual musical exploration reflects deep faith in humanistic values and traditions. Intense experimentation with the nature of sound and with contrasts between broad shadows and glimmering lights is typical for Nordheim – experimentation that is found in abundance on Listen – The Art of Arne Nordheim, a documentation of the composer’s impressive output. This compilation serves to underline the notion that Nordheim has been a great reformer and restorer of Norwegian music after the Second World War as well as a composer of great vision. A lasting testament to one of the most central figures on the Norwegian music scene.

Arne Nordheim: Listen – The Art of Arne Nordheim (Aurora ACD5070)

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