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Plateillustrasjon (186x140)Continuing strong domestic sales

Publisert: 08/19/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Norwegian artists standing on the national scene is strengthened as July sales of domestic repertoire are up 12% compared to 2002. Total sales however, show a decline of 20%.

The latest figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors clearly show that the negative trend of declining sales of domestic repertoire has been halted and reversed. Comparing 2003’s July sales with the 2002 figures indicates an increase in sales of domestic repertoire amounting to 12% in volume and 30% in value.

July 2003 saw a total domestic percentage of sales of 19% - a healthy improvement over last years dismal 13%.

Total sales were down with as much as 20% in volume and 22% in value compared to July 2002. Compared to July 2001 however, one can note a healthy 23% increase. It should be noted that July 2002 was an exceptional month in regards to record sales. The observant reader will know that it was around this time last year that the Norwegian record market took a dramatic surge upwards towards nearly a full recovery in the vicinity of the 1998 record figures. Sales in July 2002 were up nearly 60% compared to 2001.

Sales of CD albums are down 24% in volume and 23% in value compared to 2002.

Singles sales are up 23% in volume and 15% in value compared to July 2002.

So far this year, 6,5 million CD albums and 636 000 singles have been shifted amounting to a total turnover of NOK 439 million (app. € 52.86 / USD 59.14). This makes for a stable sales level compared to the same period last year.

Market shares July 2003:

EMI Recorded Music 26,7% (+5,5%)
Universal 14,7% (-13,6%)
Sony 12,9% (-1,4%)
Warner 12,3% (+6,2%)
BMG 9,8% (+0,2%)
VME 6,4% (+3,9%)
Tuba 3,4% (+1,5%)
Bare Bra Musikk 3,3% (+1,6%)
Master Music/Naxos 2,8% (+0,9%)
Bonnier Amigo 2,1% (-1,4%)
Playground 1,7% (-0,5%)
Tylden 1,6% (-0,9%)
Arcade 0,8% (-1,7%)
KKV 0,5% (0,0%)
MNW -2,3% (-2,7%)
Other 3,4% (+2,4%)

The total turnover in July amounted to NOK 52,8 million.

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